Professional Drone Tracking System

Where is it used?

Why to use

Why to use?

Dedrone Drone tracking system develops as fast as drone technology as it is one of the best tracking systems using different sensors. It is well documented that drones could be a threat to our security and privacy. Protect yourself today!

Why DeDrone:

– 24/7 monitoring
– Immediate Alarm Notification
– Saving Drone Flight Route in HD
– Simple Browser based Interface
– Cloud database
– Drone DNA Database
– Multi-Sensor Enabled System
– Extended API Access to connect with your existing security system

Public Events

24/7 monitoring

Public buildings, courts of justice, government buildings and sports events are potential targets for espionage or – even more worryingly – terrorist attacks. Detect the “Eye in the Sky” already today using Dedrone system


Surveillance of a prison territory

Why to use:

– Enables to detect possible smuggling of weapons, drugs, mobile phones and the like to prison’s territory
– Detects possible drone surveillance and similar activities
– Detects unique code of every drone


Protect yourself against industrial espionage and terrorism!

It takes only 30 seconds to capture confidential information with a drone. Drones can eavesdrop and record.

Private property

Protect your privacy!

If you want to know about a drone that has invaded your property then you need to use counter-measures. DeDrone system has been built just for that.

What happens in Drone market:

– Every month ~360 000 are being sold
– Drones become cheaper by the day
– Drones have become today’s flying robots.