In Drone Services 24/7 we focus on production and broadcasting of aerial videos and aerial photos for our clients and partners who would like to use innovative tools to become more efficient. While flying camera drones is where our work and hobby overlap we are focused on looking to find business cases for all of our partners. We do not think ourselves as just service providers, we are consultants and partners trying to find an edge in the businesses of all our partners.

There is no reason to be intimidated by the ever-growing discussion about the drones. Nowadays almost everyone can buy an affordable drone and fly it. It is not a question of flying an unmanned aerial vehicle. It is a question of how to take the whole topic further than just flying it for fun and getting something out of the ever-growing amount of the aerial photography and filmography material. So contact us for a consultative and comprehensive discussion to find the best solution for your needs. You can find more information about possible drone related solutions in our Services section.

We work per flight, per shoot, per day, per production basis- whatever is most reasonable, whatever is wanted or agreed upon.

We are ready to fly 24/7 according to your needs.

We strive to reduce costs, save time and improve security especially considering alternative technologies.

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