The people working in hazardous occupations that involve extreme heights have finally a tool bring down the safety concerns and avoid potential threat to human life. Drones can access hard-to-reach areas for aerial inspection with fraction of a time and risk. Whether the circumstances are related to live images or not so urgent ones the high expenses are cut by sending out drones instead of helicopters or professional climbers.

Whether inspecting of various infrastructure, pipelines, power supply lines, wind turbines, industrial parks, or offshore leaks drones have become irreplaceable tools to perform the tasks more efficiently. From topography to thermography, from GPS geolocalisation to industrial inspection – drones are being increasingly used when analyzing different environments be it with thermal cameras or HD or 4K cameras.

Drones can be arranged to fly for pre-scheduled flights for constant monitoring or fly out in case of emergencies. They do support you in different cases of industrial applications or damage inspections.

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